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Machine Safety Risk Assessment FAQ's

Q. Why should my organization worry about the new machine safety standards?

A. Demonstrating that your organization has taken reasonable measures to assure employee safety, such as documenting compliance with ISO 13849 and IEC 62061 standards and conducting a formal Risk Assessment is an important element of your legal defense in the unfortunate event of litigation.

Q. How does Sentinel help my organization achieve Due Diligence compliance with the new machine safety standards?

  • Assist client in conducting a formal Risk Assessment
  • Help client identify appropriate remediation strategies
  • Suggest engineering control solutions
  • Provide ‘Sistema®’ verification of component reliability
  • On-site validation of safety functions

Q. How can Sentinel help us reduce the risk of lost-time accidents?

A. The opportunity for an accident or serious injury caused by machine control failure is substantially reduced through design, specification, and validation procedures described by ISO 13849 and IEC 62061.

Q. What is Sentinel’s Expertise?

A. By providing SME (Subject Matter Expert) status in the ISO 13849, IEC 62061 and related machine control standards, Sentinel assists clients who may not have the internal resources to develop adequate in-house compliance expertise.

Q. What is the scope of Sentinel’s service?

A. The technical aspects of Industrial Safety may be defined as Risk Assessment and Hazard Control, Emergency Preparedness, Fire Prevention and Protection, Industrial Hygiene, Personal Protective Equipment, Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering. After helping our client identify hazards, Sentinel’s expertise is focused on the mitigation items identified by the Risk Assessment as specific to machine controls.

Q. When should a ‘Safety Review’ be performed?

A. As a minimum, a Risk Assessment should be performed early in the process of design and procurement of new equipment, and when existing equipment is modified, rebuilt, replaced, or relocated.

Q. But doesn’t adding safety devices reduce my production efficiency?

A. Sentinel will demonstrate that when properly engineered, separating the safety controls of a system from the process controls does NOT interfere with the ability to readily adjust, modify, or upgrade process controls.

Q. Who needs to demonstrate compliance with the new machine safety standards?

A. Any organization engaged in industrial production involving processes and / or equipment controlled by electromechanical or microprocessor based automation, the failure of which would present a potential hazard to those involved with its operation and maintenance.