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Improving Productivity

Improving Productivity by Managing Your Risk

Sentinel Machine Safety's safety consultants have been consistently successful in assisting our clients during informal conferences. It is our mission to achieve a significant reduction or completely eliminate our client’s fines. OSHA officials may grant companies that are in “good faith” that have hired a safety consultant a 20% reduction. Once the informal conference has concluded, our compliance specialists will work hand in hand with your company to get the case completely closed.

Productivity through safety


  • An effective safety management system
  • Relevant and up to date policies and procedures
  • Appropriately skilled and trained workers
  • High performaing safety leaders
  • A culture of Safety
  • The right equipment, PPE and Tools for the job
  • A thorough maintenance program
  • An appropriately designed work environment.



  • Decrease in safety incidents
  • Improved Helath and Well-Being
  • Increased engagement and morale
  • Decreased downtime due to incidents
  • Decreased abscence due to sickness and injury
  • Less time required repairing damaged plant and equipment
  • Decreased turnover



  • Delivering on time and on budget
  • Quality of production
  • Reduced requirement for double-handling
  • Meeting stakeholder requirements