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Sentinel Machine Safety provides a three-step ‘Safety Review’ process and documentation package with emphasis on the new machine control and reliability standards specified in ANSI/ISO 13849 and IEC 62061. Today’s close relationship between OSHA regulations and ANSI standards means simply “complying with OSHA” still leaves your organization legally vulnerable. Performing a ‘Safety Review’can serve as an important element of a legal defense in the unfortunate event of a mishap.

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Functional Safety Consulting

Peer Risk Assessment

Sentinel Machine Safety and the client will collaborate to form a Peer Risk Assessment Team. This group is established in order to provide a multi-discipline team that can view each potential risk and mitigation from several angles in order to provide a solution that works to the benefit of each party involved. Mitigations that are too cumbersome can impede work flow, and it is important that this team includes members of the Operator staff as well.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Sentinel Machine Safety and the client develop a specific plan to minimize risk. Our team will create hazard maps to identify areas of concern, create a risk mitigation strategy for each machine component, and assist in developing muting zones to aid in increasing productivity. We then create truth tables to define exact intended safety hardware functionality, which assist the project integrator in correctly programming the safety PLC to make the most of the safety hardware. The functionality and specific safety strategy is then approved by the client.

Safety Validation

Sentinel Machine Safety will travel to the production line and perform a step-by-step analysis of safety hardware and features to ensure that it matches exactly with the intended functionality created during the Risk Mitigation process. This involves testing every possible machine state and ensuring that each expected outcome is met. AOPD devices will be individually validated, all emergency stop functions will be checked, and a final peer review will be conducted in order to provide proof of consensus from all involved parties.

Stay Informed and Compliant

The list of modern safety standards is constantly changing and updating. It can be imposing to stay up-to-date and informed. Contact Sentinel Machine Safety to see how we can keep your business compliant with International Standards.

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