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Preparation of the Safety Review will consist of the following items and activities:

Risk Assessment | Risk Mitigation | Safety Validation

  1. Sentinel will review documents pertinent to the configuration and operation of the line.
  2. Sentinel will facilitate engineering risk assessment meetings with personnel knowledgeable in current shingle manufacturing processes and / or the design of the planned client facility.
  3. Compile, score and document each safety mitigation (e.g. engineering, administrative, and PPE) as identified by the Risk Assessment group in a manner described by ISO 12100. Mitigations will be scored using Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) as specified by IEC 62061.
  4. Provide analysis of key mitigation strategies pursuant to methods described by the functional safety protocols of IEC 61508 and IEC 61511.
  5. Compile a list of major control components as prescribed by the client and others specific to mitigating identified hazards through machine controls.
  6. Distribute non-machine control related mitigation items (e.g. fire safety, mechanical guarding, establishing or upgrading SOPs, etc.) to appropriate client engineering & other OEM professionals.
  7. Modify an existing Project Drawing to produce “Hazard Maps” of each manufacturing area.
  8. Develop Truth Tables describing each group-identified machine control mitigation function.
  9. Review safety-function related electrical schematics to assure circuit design meets appropriate Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) as defined by IEC 62061.
  10. Produce “E-Stop Confirmation Sheets” to facilitate validation.
  11. Produce “Safety Device Confirmation Sheets” to facilitate validation.
  12. Review Safety PLC program for compliance with IEC 62061 protocols.
  13. Compile all “Safety Review” documents into a booklet to facilitate Sentinel’s “On-site Field
  14. Field Validation - The activities of the client and contractors at the time of system commissioning and start-up are outside the control of Sentinel Machine Safety. Therefore Sentinel’s final Validation services (Items 15 – 17) shall be provided strictly on a time and material basis.
  15. Perform an “On-Site Field Validation” of safety mitigation functions per methodologies detailed by ISO 13849-2.
  16. Facilitate an On-site Final Peer Review of the installed equipment.
  17. Facilitate secure hand-off of the time-stamped Safety PLC password(s) to a client designated manager.

Validation services.

ISO 13849, IEC 62061, ISO 12100 Safety Risk Mitigation