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RIA R15.06:2012 Compliance

RIA R15.06:2012 Standard for Robots and Robot Systems Compliance

It has been fourteen years since the previous RIA Safety Standard was adopted, and a new set of guidelines has recently been developed to better reflect modern safety practices and hardware advancements made since the RIA R15.06:199 standard. This new revision will make automation systems even safer for workers. RIA R15.06.:2012 has taken full effect as of January 1, 2015, and while not legally mandated, should be adhered to fully in order to meet best practices in robotic safety.

Conforming to RIA R15.06:2012 can require a change in the allocation of valuable time within your organization— Potentially taking time away from other important tasks depending on the size of your process. These changes also will require additional resources, ranging from safety experts and additional operators to programming, controls, and maintenance. Increased liabilities are also a concern; without proper implementation of the new standard, there could be an increased liability for your organization. If you have determined that you may not have the time, resources, or expertise to fully comply with the new RIA standard, you may consider outsourcing.

Consider this; Some companies that provide consulting services also are associated with safety hardware manufacturers or may even sell safety hardware directly. They may come attached to a product agenda that could include purchasing their specific products. A fully third party safety group such as Sentinel Machine Safety that carries no direct connections and does not sell hardware may be the best way to consider hiring a consulting group to help round out the potential shortcomings in your safety team.