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Safety Validation

Safety Validation

The final step of the safety review process is validation.

Sentinel Machine Safety analysts will travel to the production line and perform a step-by-step analysis of safety hardware and features to ensure that it matches exactly with the intended functionality created during the Risk Mitigation process. This involves testing every possible machine state and ensuring that each expected outcome is met. AOPD devices will be individually validated, all emergency stop functions will be checked, and a final peer review will be conducted in order to provide proof of consensus from all involved parties.

Once the validation and safety review have been completed, Sentinel Machine Safety will create a bound document that contains all information from the Risk Assessment, Risk Mitigation, and Validation steps of the project, and serves as proof of ‘due diligence’ safety compliance. The final Safety Review Book will be delivered in both physical and PDF formats, so that it can be stored at the relevant process location, but also accessed remotely whenever necessary.

On-site Safety Reviews

Sentinel’s services include providing on-site verification that the functional safety of your new, relocated, or modified system meets the requirements established by the Peer Risk Analysis process and applicable international machine safety standards.

ISO and ANSI Training To Protect Your Company

Custom tailored Safety Reviews based on International Safety Standards. Training programs and "Due Diligence" safety recommendations will be created based on your company’s needs. Our qualified engineers will travel to your site to conduct the due diligence required to protect your company from a liability standpoint.

Proper ISO and ANSI Documentation

After the assessment is completed, your company will be awarded with a thorough Safety Review report, providing evidence of successful completion of and proof of a having performed the necessary due diligence you'll need. No matter what industry you're in, there is a safety review that can help your organization become safer, more efficient and typically as a result, more profitable.